Recent information about the event in 2011, reflections on 2010

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Recent information about the event in 2011, reflections on 2010

Post  Sgt Love 33rd Foot on Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:47 pm

Dear All,

Being a newcomer to your event last year I was immediately taken by the high standards of authenticity required by the event, and found the emersion of the weekend total. Right down to the last detail all the reenactors were of the same mind in wanting to experience the period in an authentic and correct way.

For this reason I regard it as one of the best and rewarding events I have done in 12 years of re-enacting the period. So much attention to detail and thought went in to the event, from the way the food was wrapped, the rank structures we carefully thought out, to the fact that the women did a fantastic job of fulfilling their role, was like a breath of fresh air. The Allied camp on the Saturday enabled us to experiment making a blanket shelter and the whole experience gave an insight into what a soldier of the time would have felt. I came back with more in-depth experiential knowledge of the period than I have gained over years of reading and re-enacting. Many thanks indeed for the knowledge gained and the great memories.

I have thought long and hard about how to express the following point and am struggling how to communicate my huge disappointment at reading in your recent mail that cross dressing will now be allowed for the event in 2011. When so much time and effort is made by everybody to get the minutiae right, it seems a paradox that the event will now include and embrace the most obvious, blatant and glaring inaccuracies.

This is a personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of our reenactment society as we are hoping to attend with good numbers next year. I just felt it was important to have my say for the benefit of the event in future years.

I very much enjoyed working with you all last year and hope to work with you again in 2011.


Simon Love



33rd Regiment of Foot Re-enactment Society

Sgt Love 33rd Foot

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Re: Recent information about the event in 2011, reflections on 2010

Post  cook McBaile on Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:17 pm

Here a reply from a female participent: I think it is a pitty that Marc had to say yes to crossdressing.
because the French did it this year he had to do so.

I'm just happy in my role and do like it this way - never had the intention to do crossdressing.
If I want to handle a gun/musket I might do that during LBE: garding and devending the bagage train.
I can also go to Portugal and Spain and join the ladies in the Partizan group.
Historical correct and so much fun to do.

that is enough to me.

Cook McBaile.

cook McBaile

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