Wagon Personnel for 2010

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Wagon Personnel for 2010 Empty Wagon Personnel for 2010

Post  Marc on Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:10 am

Morning all,

Just to advise you that the personnel attached permanently to the waggon corps will be the following sutleresses:

Cook McBaile - 92nd Highlanders
Nanny - 92nd Highlanders
Mistresss Natalie - 15th Light Dragoons
Miss Rachel - 18th Hussars
Madame Rifle - 2/95th Rifles
Madame Sylvia - 6de Huzaren

There will also be a couple of civilian gentlemen who will be the waggon owners. (Both French)

Finally, a military detachement will be designated to run and organise the train. It will be headed by an officer (Captain McDonald of the 92nd is my preferred choice) and will include:

- The soldiers of the 2de van Linie (who have volonuteered for this job)
- All the sappeurs of the detachement (at the moment, it would include 2x from the 2de van Linie and 1x from the French Buffs)

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