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LBE - Participation Rules Empty LBE - Participation Rules

Post  Marc on Tue Oct 27, 2009 1:41 am

[size=150]Participation Rules[/size]

A) The event is a hypothetical tactical set immediately after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. It is asked that participants wear uniforms that correspond to this period of the Napoleonic Wars. (e.g. Belgic shako for British line infantry and not the stovepipe, etc.)
 Please also note that this is a gender-specific event.

B) All artillery and infantry personnel MUST have a haversack/bag-pack.
 For those who cannot get hold of one, they can use their great-coat or blanket strapped across their back to carry their affairs and rations but it is not permitted to simple not to have anything on your back.
 Cavalry personnel (including mounted staff officers) must be able to carry all their possessions with them on their horses.
 Officers on foot must be able to carry their possessions either in a blanket/great-coat roll and/or a leather officer bag.
 Participant must be able to carry all their equipment and rations on their persons for the event duration, please evaluate your load accordingly.

C) Certain camp items issued at the detachment level (not per group) and arranged beforehand by the organisor and with his permission, will be carried on the wagon-train. These include period camp equipment and the HQ bell tent.

D) A chain of command will be put in place by the organisor amongst the participants before the event. This will ideally consist of an HQ (1 commander-in-chief and 1 or 2 ADCs) and commanders of infantry, cavalry and the train/artillery.
 The infantry will be organised in a single battalion under the command of 1 officer. This battalion will be composed of “companies” of equal size and consisting of 1 officer and 2 NCOs.
 The cavalry will be organised in a single troop, under the command of 1 officer. This troop will be composed of 2 “sections”, each with 1 NCO.
 The train will be organised into a section of “artillery train” and a section of “baggage train” each with 1 NCO and both under the command of 1 officer.

E) Depending upon participation, the organisors reserve the right to make sure that the number of officers in relation to the number of troops attending.

F) Rations are at the individual’s charge and will based of the following DAILY ration:
- Bread – 1,5 pounds
- Beef (1 pound) or Porc (0.5 pounds) – Other dry/smoked meats will be tolerated.
- Peas – Quarter pint – Other vegetables will be tolerated.
- Cheese or Butter – 1 onze
- Rice – 1 onze – Can be replaced if so wished.

All rations are to be wrapped in brown paper with string before the start of the event. Drink rations are to be stored in glass bottles (without labels) and carried by participants.

G) All participants are to perform tasks and duties associated with their persona and beyond the simple realm of fighting battles but equally in the camp. A soldier’s life is more than just fighting.

H) Artillery field pieces are to be 1-to-1 scale representations and not a scaled down version. Pieces must be capable of being pulled by a horse.

I) Female civilian impressions are accepted on a case-by-case basis and based upon historical norms and practices. Male civilian impressions are equally accepted on a case-by-case basis and based upon justification of the role they wish to portray.

J) No camp bed or modern camping equipment may be taken on the event. Straw will be available on the different sites to be used as bedding if necessary. Tents are specifically excluded excepting the officers’ bell tent which the organisor will be providing.

K) Absolutely no modern articles may be taken on the event. However, for articles such as medicines, car keys, money and passports/ID papers, these can be taken as long as they are put in a linen/cotton bag to be put in the backpack.

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